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News Releases

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November 27, 2018  Columbus Gold and Nordgold Declare their Official Intention to Move Forward with the Montagne d'Or Gold Mine Development
November 20, 2018  Columbus Gold Becomes a Signatory to the International Cyanide Management Code, and Provides Clarity on European Union Legislation for the Use of Cyanide in Gold Mining
November 01, 2018  Columbus Gold Continues Moving Forward on the Permitting Process for the Montagne d'Or Gold Project in French Guiana
August 14, 2018  Columbus Gold and IAMGOLD Enter into an Agreement on the Maripa Gold Project in French Guiana
August 07, 2018  Completion of Public Hearings for Columbus Gold's Montagne d'Or Gold Project; Support for Development of Montagne d'Or Remains Widespread
May 08, 2018  Columbus Gold Provides Permitting Update for Montagne d'Or Gold Project
April 13, 2018  Columbus Gold Confirms Voting Results of its Annual General Meeting
February 16, 2018  Columbus Gold Grants Incentive Stock Options
February 14, 2018  Columbus Gold Confirms Montagne d'Or Gold Project Spending and Funding Requirements
February 07, 2018  Columbus Obtains New Trading Symbol on OTCQX
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