Clanton Hills Property

Clanton Hills Property

The Clanton Hills Property consists of 32 mineral claims covering approximately 661 acres, 70 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona. Subject to net smelter royalties, Columbus owns a 100% interest in the property.

The property is centered on a small bedrock knob, a few hundred feet in diameter. Most of the claims cover the pediment surface surrounding the knob, where gravel cover is likely to be ten to fifty feet thick.

Reconnaissance sampling of irregularly shaped bodies of quartz and calcite in silicified breccia making up the knob yielded several samples running from 2-7 opt silver with low gold values (to 170 ppb). The breccia is interpreted to have been formed along a northwesterly-trending range front fault, which is mostly all covered with shallow gravel. We believe this mineralization to be open on strike and at depth, but the extent will not be known without drilling beneath the gravel cover.

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